Goldendoodle Ranch
Gorgeous Goldendoodles!!!
F1B Goldendoodle Males!  Born:6-14-14

Litter of Goldendoodles !!F1B- Standard in size Born: 6-14-2014  Miley is the Mom Shadow is the dad. (located on 2nd page) Group photos only at
this time. Scroll down to see group females!

New Litter Clumberdoodles!!  F1 Small/med in size Born: 5-29-2014 These puppies are super adorable! They have the boxy head everyone wants. Many have dreamy green eyes!  They are smaller in size. Bentley the Daddy is only 28-30 lbs. Parents are short so these will not be a tall dog. There are 9 puppies total. 3 deposits are placed on First & 2nd pick female and first pick male. 

Now taking Deposits of $400.00 for F1b -  $300 for F1

  I am a hobby breeder and I have been breeding dogs off and on, since my husband and I married 27 years ago. We love all our puppies! So from our loving arms to yours we also provide our Puppies with a 2 year health guarantee, &  comes with up to date shots and worming.

 These litters of Goldendoodles come with up to date shots and worming & a 2 year health guarantee. This gives you a peace of mind when you are choosing & investing in your new family member. Goldendoodles are highly intelligent dogs, which makes them very easy to train. They are hypoallergenic and have no to minimal shedding. F1’s & F1B's have beautiful soft coats. I like to call them magical puppies, because when they start out they look like Retriever pups, but their coat changes 15 times until you have the beautiful curl/wave and length, that the Goldendoodles are known for. Two puppies from a previous litter grew up and became Calendar models for a goldendoodle calendar. One won a online goldendoodle picture contest. I also have several that are great service dogs. One on the cover of the Dallas magazine.  Some previous statements from customers…” I love being able to wear dark clothes and enjoy my dog without all the hair”, “I love the nature of my goldendoodle and I will never have another bred of dog again.”, “My goldendoodle is so good and gentle with my kids”, “It is amazing how my goldendoodle fits whatever mood I am in, its like he knows what I need!”, “ My goldendoodle, Walter, is so smart we have had to start spelling certain words in front of him, so he doesn’t know what we are saying”, “ Our goldendoodle is part of our family he is just amazing and does everything with us.” I have had so many people thank me for selling them a Goldendoodle, and that makes me feel great! Call me for a appointment and I will help you pick out your next family member!! PARENT PHOTOS ON 2ND PAGE !   Call me for an appointment:
940-395-5441 or email:


Adult Clumberdoodle Photos!

Clumberdoodles or Clumber-poos are here!!!
Puppy photos! 

Dixie - Female Clumberdoodle , $1,200.00
She is a Sweetie with beautiful eyes! Light Apricot/cream

Rex - Male Clumberdoodle $1,200. 
He has dreamy green eyes and dark apricot! 

Rory Jane- Clumberdoodle female $1,200.00
She has beautiful dreamy green eyes and a apricot coat & dark Ears, which usually means a darker coat when older!
Meet Brinkley! Male Clumberdoodle  $1,200.
This little guy has a beautiful apricot coat and gorgeous eyes!

Meet Vixie!  Female Clumberdoodle $1,200.00
Beautiful Apricot coat and Green eyes!

Meet Bentley! Clumberdoodle $1,200.00
He is a handsome Apricot Boy with with markings and beautiful eyes!!

Sassy Female Clumberdoodle!  $1,200.00
Beautiful light apricot with white markings and green eyes!

Ben  Male Clumberdoodle, $1,200
Ligt apricot cream with white markings

Meet Daisy! Female Clumberdoodle $1,200.
She is a beautiful cream with white markings & Green Eyes!

Meet Maui! Female Clumberdoodle $1,200.
She is a beautiful apricot with small white markings & green eyes!

Rosie -- Female Clumberdoodle  $1,200.
She is a beautiful light color with green blue eyes.
Adult example at top of page

INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS----- below group photo---Scroll way down to see all 9 puppies!!
This little guys are precious. 
The dark puppies puppies are getting so popular and we have them this time!

F1B Goldendoodle Females ! Born: 6-14-14

Female #1 Licorice


Male #1

Black Female #2

Male #2

Female F1B goldendoodle #3

MALE F1B Goldendoodle #3


Female F1B Goldendoodle puppy #4

Male F1B Goldendoodle! #4

Female F1B Goldendoodle ! #5


F1B puppy
Meet Beauty! She is a real beauty! Her coat is soft and getting beautiful soft curl! Sweet and very loving! SOLD

Licorice is my name! I am as sweet as candy!  My coat is thick and Soft with beautiful black curls! I am the smallest puppy in my litter right now. 



Hi my name is Sassy! I love to give puppy kisses and I'm a playful little girl, take me home and play with me!  SOLD


Brinkley with Mommy!

Puppy Love at Goldendoodleranch!!!!

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