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Gorgeous Goldendoodles!!!
Litter of F1B Goldendoodles! Born: 1-21-2014 ONE FEMALE PUPPY LEFT!!  was $1,500. NOW 1,000.00
        Daisy is Mom & Shadow is Dad.  See next page for parents photos. 2 year health guarantee. Up to date shots and worming.

 EASTER SPECIAL!! New Litter of CHOCOLATE DOODLES!! Born: 2-3-14 ONE MALE PUPPY LEFT!!  was 1,500. NOW 1,400.00...2year health guarantee, up to date shots & worming. these will be medium size. Dad is 19" at the shoulder and 30lbs. Mom 19" at the shoulder and 40lbs

EASTER SPECIAL!!! New Litter of F1 Goldendoodles! NOW $1,100. was $1,200. Born: 2-4-2014 2 year health guarantee.This litter will be my largest puppies. mom is around 65-70 lbs Dad is same and he is 25-26 inches to shoulders. The mom to this litter is a curly coated retriever and she sheds less than my other retrievers, these puppies will be my most NO SHED  litter of F1's you will find! Best of both worlds if you like keeping the half of retriever!

  I am a hobby breeder and I have been breeding dogs off and on, since my husband and I married 27 years ago. We love all our puppies! So from our loving arms to yours we also provide our Puppies with a 2 year health guarantee, &  comes with up to date shots and worming.
EASTER SPECIAL! F1 was 1,200.00 now 1,100.!! Looking for a loving pup to call your own? We have absolutely gorgeous F1B & F1 Goldendoodles for your family, Here at 940-395-5441 F1B's Born: Jan 21,2014. & are $1,500. NOW 1,000. F1B Mom is Goldendoodle & Dad is chocolate Standard, these F1B pups will be Standard size but not to Large of a Standard. F1 Pups Born 2-4-14 & are 1,200. NOW $1,100. F1 pups are from my largest Standard Poodle 251/2 inches to shoulders Retriever mom is 23-24 to shoulders.The F1's will be larger than the F1B's. Standard Poodle and Golden Retrievers are both great family dogs so when you mix them it makes a awesome dog! These F1 puppies have a curly coated mother retriever which has extremely less shedding than a regular retriever so these puppies will have a more NO Shed coat and more curl than a regular F1 ! These litters of Goldendoodles come with up to date shots and worming & a 2 year health guarantee. This gives you a peace of mind when you are choosing & investing in your new family member. Goldendoodles are highly intelligent dogs, which makes them very easy to train. They are hypoallergenic and have no to minimal shedding. F1’s & F1B's have beautiful soft coats. I like to call them magical puppies, because when they start out they look like Retriever pups, but their coat changes 15 times until you have the beautiful curl/wave and length, that the Goldendoodles are known for. Two puppies from a previous litter grew up and became Calendar models for a goldendoodle calendar. One won a online goldendoodle picture contest. I also have one that is a great service dog. Some previous statements from customers…” I love being able to wear dark clothes and enjoy my dog without all the hair”, “I love the nature of my goldendoodle and I will never have another bred of dog again.”, “My goldendoodle is so good and gentle with my kids”, “It is amazing how my goldendoodle fits whatever mood I am in, its like he knows what I need!”, “ My goldendoodle, Walter, is so smart we have had to start spelling certain words in front of him, so he doesn’t know what we are saying”, “ Our goldendoodle is part of our family he is just amazing and does everything with us.” I have had so many people thank me for selling them a Goldendoodle, and that makes me feel great! Call me for a appointment and I will help you pick out your next family member!! PARENT PHOTOS ON 2ND PAGE !   Call me for an appointment:
940-395-5441 Connie

NEW LITTER OF F1B's :  Daisy and Shadow had Puppies!! Daisy is as Sweet as ever Standard Goldendoodle and Shadow is a Standard Chocolate. All Puppies are $1,500.00

Sweetie Pie female F1B $1,500.00  Reduced to $1,000.00!!!!

Meet Cocoa she is our new addition to Goldendoodleranch! She is a F1 Clumberdoodle! This is a Clumber Spaniel bred to a small moyen poodle.= Clumberdoodle our Cocoa
Cocoa now has had a adorable litter of F1B Clumberdoodles They are adorable Chocolate Doodles. Photos of her puppies but First I just wanted you to meet this new Joy in our life! 1st photo is Cocoa as a puppy, scroll down and look at Cocoa's puppies. They will be between 30-40 lbs. There are still a few deposits left in this litter on the picking list. So call soon! 2nd page on website has Cocoa as an adult

Cocoa as puppy! Adult Photos on 2nd Page!

Cocoas Puppies. We have 2 males  pick left and 2 female Pick left Keep scrolling down to see all of their photos

Hershey #2 Male Clumberdoodle F1B EASTER SPECIAL! NOW 1,400.. all others sold for $1,500. Chocolate boy, so far he has beautiful green eyes!


These Next puppies are F1 Goldendoodles   Parents are: Lady Lucy Red and Kentucky Derby

Presley Pup#1 male F1 1,200.00  
NOW $1,100.00
Cookie #1 Female F1 puppy  NOW $1,100.

Duke male F1 with blaze on his chest. This little boy is available!!!! I got him mixed up with a female I was keeping they are like twins.
NOW $1,100.00


Hope #2 Female F1 Pup  
NOW $1,100.00
Goldie #3 Female F1 pup  NOW $1,100.

Jewels - #4 Female F1 puppy NOW $1,100.



Meet Coal! This beautiful thick black coat is gorgeous!!  He is as sweet Little boy with lots of love to give!  SOLD

Meet Beauty! She is a real beauty! Her coat is soft and getting beautiful soft curl! Sweet and very loving! SOLD

Licorice is my name! I am as sweet as candy!  My coat is thick and Soft with beautiful black curls! I am the smallest puppy in my litter right now. 



Meet Angel! I am laid back and as sweet as a angel! For all you retriever lovers I'm for you, I have a strong retriever look !
Don't let my look fool you I am a F1B so my coat is real soft and being a F1B I have more of the no shed coat.                SOLD


Hi my name is Sassy! I love to give puppy kisses and I'm a playful little girl, take me home and play with me!  SOLD




Brinkley with Mommy!

Puppy Love at Goldendoodleranch!!!!

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