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Gorgeous Goldendoodles!!!
F1B Goldendoodle Males!  Born:6-14-14 SOLD OUT!   SEE NEW LITTER BORN: JUNE 26th 2014  Scroll down for Photos!


BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!!!  Goldendoodles $1,100. - $1,800.  CLUMBERDOODLES  $1,000. - $1,200.00


NEW LITTER GOLDENDOODLES: Born: 6-26-2014  Pick up date: 8-21-2014
Daisy & Shadow had F1B puppies.These puppies are adorable!  F1B's are regular $1,800.
All black puppies are 1,100.00  There are 5 black females 1 Black Male
Golden/Cream is reg. price. There is one Gold Male & One White/Cream Female (She will most likely grow up to have Gold Highlights! This is gorgeous on them!
Other litter went quick so call soon and get on the picking list.  For Photos Just scroll down past Clumberdoodles
Call, text or Email:  940-395-5441   Fastest response of coarse is calling or text.


NEW LITTER OF CLUMBERDOODLES!!  F1 Small/med in size Born: 5-29-2014 These puppies are super adorable! They have the boxy head everyone wants. Many have dreamy green eyes!  They are smaller in size. Bentley the Daddy is only 28-30 lbs. Parents are short so these will not be a tall dog.
Their are only 3 puppies left. Last litter sold for $1,500.
CLUMBERDOODLE SALE!!  Males 1,000.!!!!  One adorable curly Female $1,200. 
Whats a Clumberdoodle???  It is a Clumber Spaniel bred to a  Moyen Poodle.  Clumberdoodles are the latest thing on hybrid designer dogs. People just love there Boxy heads and beautiful eyes and noses, and the markings can just top it off with your own designer dog.
These dogs are very smart and laid back, yet have the funniest bouncy nature they just make you want to hug them all the time. My daughter picked one for my 2 year old grandson and they love and enjoy her so much, that now she decided to get one from this litter for herself!

Want to know a little about Clumber Spaniel??
Clumber Spaniel: Country of Origin: The Clumber Spaniel's history is one with many holes. There is very little documentation regarding the origin of the breed, however, it is believed that several breeds including the Basset Hound, Alpine Spaniel and St. Bernard, were involved. It is also believed that the Clumber Spaniel originated in France and was moved to England for safe keeping during the French Revolution by one of the dukes of Noailles. The duke turned over his precious cargo to the Duke of Newcastle at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire, giving the breed their name. The Clumber Spaniel became a fast favorite of English royalty. Historical figures such as Kind Edward VII, his son King George V and Prince Albert(Queen Victoria's consort), are all said to have owned a Clumber Spaniel. The Clumber Spaniel is the largest of all the spaniel breeds. They were utilized for their specialty in hunting in dense cover and would often be found hunting partridge as well as pheasant. They can also be trained to retrieve. The Clumber Spaniel found itself in Canada in 1848 and soon made its way south to the United States. The Clumber Spaniel was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1884 and was prestigiously one of the first 9 breeds to be accepted to the registry.

Character: The Clumber Spaniel is a very sweet, loyal and affectionate breed that is not overly active once they have reached maturity. The Clumber Spaniel is a hunting breed with an excellent nose and retrieving ability. They are typically utilized to hunt pheasant and partridge in dense cover, but are also good water dogs. The Clumber Spaniel has what is known as a “trophy mentality”, requiring them to carry something in their mouths quite often. Due to this, it is imperative that objects potentially harmful to the dog be kept out of reach. It is recommended to keep plenty of puppy friendly toys on hand. For those out there looking for the perfect quiet companion, the Clumber Spaniel is not prone to barking.Temperament: The Clumber Spaniel is quite playful and friendly with the family and is known to do well with children. They are also known to be quite easy going with other non-canine pets. 
Mix with poodle and all great qualities are enhanced. My Clumberdoodles are very friendly with everyone.
Training: The Clumber Spaniel breed needs a gentle hand. They do not respond well to heavy-handed discipline. They will not respond to it. Clumber Spaniel's are easily trained as they have a good memory and like to do things to please their owner.

Now taking Deposits of $400.00 for F1b -  $300 for F1

A little about us and what you get with puppy!

 I am a Professional breeder and I have been breeding dogs off and on, since my husband and I married 28 years ago.  We live on 24 acres In North Texas with lots of room. We have customers come from all over Texas and surrounding states. We love all our puppies! So from our loving arms to yours we also provide our Puppies with a 2 year health guarantee, &  comes with up to date shots and worming. Starter food and a little education on health and care for your new addition to your family. 

 These litters of Goldendoodles come with up to date shots and worming & a 2 year health guarantee. This gives you a peace of mind when you are choosing & investing in your new family member. Goldendoodles are highly intelligent dogs, which makes them very easy to train. They are hypoallergenic and have no to minimal shedding. F1’s & F1B's have beautiful soft coats. I like to call them magical puppies, because when they start out they look like Retriever pups, but their coat changes 15 times until you have the beautiful curl/wave and length, that the Goldendoodles are known for. Two puppies from a previous litter grew up and became Calendar models for a goldendoodle calendar. One won a online goldendoodle picture contest. I also have several that are great service dogs. One on the cover of the Dallas magazine.  Some previous statements from customers…” I love being able to wear dark clothes and enjoy my dog without all the hair”, “I love the nature of my goldendoodle and I will never have another bred of dog again.”, “My goldendoodle is so good and gentle with my kids”, “It is amazing how my goldendoodle fits whatever mood I am in, its like he knows what I need!”, “ My goldendoodle, Walter, is so smart we have had to start spelling certain words in front of him, so he doesn’t know what we are saying”, “ Our goldendoodle is part of our family he is just amazing and does everything with us.” I have had so many people thank me for selling them a Goldendoodle, and that makes me feel great! Call me for a appointment and I will help you pick out your next family member!! PARENT PHOTOS ON 2ND PAGE !   Call me for an appointment:
940-395-5441 or email:


Adult Clumberdoodle Photos!

Clumberdoodles or Clumber-poos are here!!!
Puppy photos! 

Rory Jane- Clumberdoodle female $1,200.00  SOLD  
She has beautiful dreamy green eyes and a apricot coat & dark Ears, which usually means a darker coat when older! She has lots of curl gradually coming in!

Meet Brinkley! Male Clumberdoodle  $1,200.*** Sale $1,000.*****
This little guy has a beautiful apricot coat and gorgeous eyes!  He will probably be wavy NOT Curly!

Meet Bentley! Clumberdoodle $1,200.00 ****SALE $1,000.****
He is a handsome Cream Boy with with markings and beautiful eyes!! Will probably be wavy will NOT be curly!

SALE ON BLACKS!!! Regular $1,800.  **** SALE PRICE $1,100.00****
5 Black Female pups 1 Black Male
**Picking list started so hurry!**
Golden and Cream regular price $1,800.
1 Gold male
1 White/Cream Female
Meet Rufus!  F1B goldendoodle $1,800. SOLD  
Meet Jasmine! F1B goldendoodle  $1,800  ****SALE 1,100. ****

 4 Photos scroll down VV
Meet Molly!  F1B goldendoodle $1,800. *****SALE $1,100. ***** 

4 photos scroll VVVV

Meet Maggie!!  F1B goldendoodle $1,800.  *****SALE $1,100. *****

Photos scroll  VVVV

SOLD  Meet Samantha! F1B Goldendoodle $1,800. 

4 Photos Scroll  VVVV

Meet Mandy! F1B Goldendoodle  $1,800.  ****SALE $1,100. *****

4 photos scroll VVVV

Meet Edward! F1B Goldendoodle MALE!!  $1,800.  ****SALE  $1,100.****

Photos Scroll VVV
Meet Penelope!  F1B Female Goldendoodle  $1,800.  **** SALE PRICE $1,100.****



F1B puppy
Meet Beauty! She is a real beauty! Her coat is soft and getting beautiful soft curl! Sweet and very loving! SOLD

Licorice is my name! I am as sweet as candy!  My coat is thick and Soft with beautiful black curls! I am the smallest puppy in my litter right now. 



Hi my name is Sassy! I love to give puppy kisses and I'm a playful little girl, take me home and play with me!  SOLD


Brinkley with Mommy!

Puppy Love at Goldendoodleranch!!!!

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